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By combining the services of Plane Simple Golf and Dr. Maxwell Golf, we have defined a revolutionary program that will reinvent the way you play the game.
Simple, quick golf game and body performance. Our 2016 Schedule is developing right now. Get your group together and join us.

PSG Circuit Seminar at Falcons Fire Golf Club January 28, 2016. Click here to register!.

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On average, our clients are lowering their hanidcaps by 40-50% with our program.

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What is the Plane Simple Golf Circuit?


The Plane Simple Golf Circuit program is the first ever all inclusive training package of its' kind. Together, Pete Buchanan and Dr. Jeremy Maxwell are providing the most effective and simply repeatable golf instruction and upper cervical chiropractic care available. In addition, Pete's clients learn the golf swing foundations quickly and efficiently because of the Simple Swing Repeater training brace he designed. Dr. Jeremy Maxwell also is a Level 3 TPI certified Medical Professional who combines his Upper cervical chiropractic approach with the TPI procedures and K-Vest biofeedback, offering functional performance like no other. Our clients get better faster, with fewer adjustments, giving them more time to focus on their games and practice.

Whether you are a junior player trying to increase your competitive advantage, a seasoned veteran playing on the amateur and professional circuits or a weekend player looking to improve your game – participating in our program is sure to increase your performance level as well as increase how fun the game can be.

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2016 Circuit Schedule

PSG Circuit locations:

Eagles Landing Golf Course of Belton (Kansas City)

The Quarry at Crystal Springs (St. Louis)

Osage National (Lake of the Ozarks)

Falcons Fire Golf Club (Orlando, FL)

Falcons Fire Golf Club January 2016 Dates Now Available!

Offering Full Circuit and Mini Circuit Programs in 2016.

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Pick Your Program Mini Circuit $250 per player, Full Circuit $500 per player. Pick your location 2016 PSG Circuit Registration Circuit Session Details
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  • Dr. Maxwell not only helped me with my back and shoulder pain.. He created exercises/techniques I could use to compete at the highest level. This is the first time in years I haven't had shoulder or back pain after a long day at the golf course!" - Jace Long, Professional Player
  • Working with Dr. Maxwell has really helped to improve my golf game in ways I wouldn't have imagined. I shot my best games at a 77 one day and a 75 the next in competition one day after getting an adjustment." -Laken Frese, Columbia College Women's Golf Team
  • So far I like it. It helps in grain what I have been working on for several weeks-stopping and shortening my hands at the top of my long swing. I use it virtually every practice session and it certainly helped." -PSG Client Michael Robbins
  • Love it! It restricts my bad back strokes and I hit the ball straighter than I have ever hit the ball with good distance." -PSG Client Ray Almada Jr.
  • I've been using the SSR for only 4 weeks now and have knocked off a full 4 strokes from my handicap (Now 9.6). I'm hitting the ball more solid and any missed shots are much more controlled." -PSG Client Mike Johnson


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Pete Buchanan

Pete Buchanan

Founder/Inventor - PSG/SSR